Nicholas "Nick" Chitty, B.A., M.A., MSc.

Education: Cambridge University, England: B.A., M.A. in Natural Sciences.

Teaching:Fix your Posture, Fix your Pain: For Patients, Dentists, Doctors, Artists Musicians and others whose occupation requires postural distortions. How to recognize and self-treat conditions related to muscle and connective tissue imbalances, dysfunction and ischemia associated with work-related posturally-induced musculoskeletal disorders.

- Assessment and treatment of Cranial, Facial and Jaw problems. How to treat your own jaw using myofascial techniques trigger point therapy when needed. The focus is on influencing the state of the muscles and connective tissue that have a profound influence on the head, neck and jaw.

- Yoganatomy Workshops to teach Yoga practitioners human anatomy.

- Pilatonatomy Workshops to teach Pilates practitioners human anatomy.

- Workshops for manual therapists to learn hands-on Evaluation and Treatment of a variety of bodywide musculoskeletal disorders, including TMJ issues.

- Workshops and seminars on pain relief and pain prevention, tailored to the needs of those asking for them. Taught in schools, offices, rehabilitation centers or for organizations representing health professionals.

Clinical: Manual therapy practice. The focus is on underlying causes or perpetuating factors. Specializing in evaluating and treating Cranial, Facial and Jaw (TMJ) problems. Corrective soft tissue therapy for pain relief and restoring normal musculoskeletal function. Evaluation and treatment of sources of pain and function problems likely to respond to relevant, detailed, specific soft tissue manipulation, stretching and strengthening.