Think this small hands-on Workshop might be for you?...

Ask yourself these questions….

Do I have high standards for the bodywork that I already do? Do I work hard physically for long hours doing bodywork? Might I benefit in the long term, from doing lighter work for a significantly higher fee per session? Do I wish I had a little more time to myself, without sacrificing needed income? Do I respond with enthusiasm and interest to the challenges of treating people in pain? Am I continually, eagerly, learning more about what I do and how to do it?

For Bodyworkers I teach practical, hands-on, proven techniques for the head and jaw. For these techniques to be effective they require Anatomical, Clinical and Business knowledge. I share this knowledge openly. There will never be enough experts to take care of all the head/jaw problems that are out there. At least 80% of Bodyworkers do NOT currently have that specific knowledge.

Basic Workshop



Intermediate & Advanced Workshop

2 Day Workshop

Saturday & Sunday October 26-27, 2019

Price: TBD

* Dates subject to change