Postures we adopt when working can create head, neck, shoulder, arm, back, hip, buttock, leg and foot pain and function issues.

We tend to live with them until they don’t let us any more!

At work, the more hard-working, dedicated, excellent, studious, and on top of it you are, the more likely you are to have problems. 

Know anybody like that? You, maybe?!

Think about some of the really outstanding surgeons, dentists and performers that you know.

 Causes and Sources  of pain are often NOT detected by standard medical tests: Xray, CT Scan, MRI, Nerve Conduction Tests.

Simple self-evaluation:

  • What things do you do the most of?

  • Sitting, driving, computing, reading, listening to patients?

  • ALL of these tend to put you in: forward head posture, forearm-hand pronation, anterior shoulder position, internal rotation of the shoulder joint, upper back kyphosis, anterior / inferior tilt to the pelvis.


Occupational postural problems:

  • Acknowledge their presence. 

  • Notice and Assess yourself, your body. We will walk you through a live assessment individually or with a partner.

  • Examine yourself. Really see yourself as you are. Begin to develop a new awareness of real physical you. We will guide you and refine that awareness.

  • Begin preventing future troubles now. Start today.

  • Self-Treat. We will show you how.