Open Chest (Pectoralis major) stretch against a wall

For opening your chest:

Sternal fibers
Bring your straight arm up from your hip to the side, until horizontal,
Turn the palm facing forwards,
Lay your palm and arm flat against the wall,
Pull your shoulder blades together and down,
Place the foot nearest the wall foot in front of you,
Rotate your torso forward and away from the arm and wall,
You will feel the stretch in the front of the chest and shoulder joint.
Hold for 2 seconds,
Release back to the starting position,
Repeat as desired.


Ribcage fibers:
Raise the straight arm to 45 degrees above horizontal and repeat


Collarbone fibers:
Lower the straight arm to 45 degrees below horizontal and repeat.

For this and other stretches check for Aaron Mattes’s Dvd’s showing how to stretch yourself using Active Isolated Stretching (AIS).


Open Chest - Exercise/ Stretch