Initial Evaluation Clinical Mastery Sessions

When: On demand: Contact Nick.

Do you want to develop a practice where you successfully treat people with pain and function problems?

Have you worked on someone repeatedly and they get relief briefly, only to have it return again and again?

Have you wondered exactly what you should be treating when confronted by a client with chronic, ongoing back pain or neck pain?

You might logically work on the things that hurt and also treat where the symptoms are, and maybe in another area that is not working the way it should. This is what many clients might expect, and certainly it is what they might have experienced before. This kind of treatment is what many manual therapists deliver.

When this happens, it often results from the therapist treating symptoms, rather than causes. When symptoms are treated the results vary and their symptoms often return simply because the underlying causes that have been influencing them for perhaps a long time, were not treated.

This workshop teaches you how to get clues to the causes during the first few minutes you have at the beginning of that first appointment. Then, as you keep treating the person with this in mind, you begin to uncover more information by intelligent palpation and having conversations revolving around their condition and your theory about what is causing it. We teach you what to ask and what to treat.

You will learn how to gather this information by observation, listening, palpating and treating and then noticing the results. The beauty of this is that the client will keep you informed of how it is working and as you see them each time you modify your plan based on their results. You learn to be selective in treating just a few parts of the body thoroughly. Often these will be the areas that you think are contributing as perpetuating factors in prolonging their symptoms.

Here is what you will be learning:

  • Handling initial phone calls from potential clients: This is still the way most new clients come to you. We explore workable, tested telephone techniques and demonstrate them. Then you talk on the phone to new clients using these ideas.
  • Develop your observation, listening, evaluation: We demonstrate, then you use, each of these techniques with our guidance.
  • How to use specific relevant palpation to highlight solutions to their problems:We teach you to be specific in locating and palpating relevant places to treat on a person’s body, based on their presenting problems.
  • How to quickly find “hot spots” that tell you where to work: When you are not sure where to work to produce results, we demonstrate how to find places that need work. Then we guide you one-on-one to find them on others.
  • What to do at the that crucial first visit: Once the person is in front of you, what do you do? We examine this in detail. We teach how to get the best outcomes for the client in this first session. We demonstrate how to develop sufficient rapport with your new client to treat them, educate them, and reassure them that they will enter into a productive, honest, candid and effective recovery program that they are a full partner in. If in your judgement they need to, they will either book their next session, or you will create an opportunity to do so when you arrange a follow up. This is fundamental to assisting them in their recovery, by being a part of it over a series of treatments you both deem necessary.
  • How to meet and benefit from other like-minded health professionals: Want to do effective pain relief or function restoration work? You need to create links with the best health professionals available in the field of healthcare. They can then refer to you, and you to them. We teach a simple, easy, guaranteed method that anyone can use. It works. Do it, and you get to know the small percentage of health care professionals who are approachable and excel in their field.
  • Introduction to postural analysis as an evaluation tool: This is a critical tool in solving problems that are frequently overlooked by other healthcare professionals. We will teach you the value of learning the skills to do this effectively.

If you have any specific questions or you would like to set up a Mastery Session for yourself and friends, you can email Nick directly. If you wish to talk, include your phone number.

We reserve the right to cancel or postpone a workshop. Your payment will be refunded in full.