Shoulder - Pectoralis major


Self-treatments you can do:


 Exercise 1: Pectoralis Major

For restoring length to this bulky powerful muscle that can pull our shoulders forwards.
This is the biggest muscle of the shoulder.
Reach across the body and grasp the thick fibers of the muscle in front of your opposite armpit.
Using your thumb and fingers, lift, compress and move the muscle in any direction you can.
Find your collar bones with your fingertips.
Follow your collar bones to the center of your chest where they meet at the sternum or breast bone.
Feel and find the sternum with your fingertips.
Move the fingertips of both hands to the outer edges of the upper sternum.
Glue your fingertips to the skin and push into the ribs firmly,
Move back and forth, up and down and round in circles. You may notice tenderness, it may feel as though it is bruised.
This is likely local posturally-induced shortening of skin, muscle and connective tissue.
Fine tuning: Explore. Treat whatever is tender in the upper chest. Avoid breast tissue.


Exercise 2: Sternal fibers of pectoralis major

With your fingertips, find the clavicle on your Dominant side,
Follow the clavicle to the sternum,
Then move your fingers laterally about an inch towards the shoulder,
Glue your fingertips to the skin,
Press finger tips firmly into the tissue over the ribs just below
the clavicle,
Move finger tips up and down,
These are the horizontal fibers of the pectoralis major that shorten as we work in front of our bodies.
They are often short, taut and painful.
They maintain the pull that brings your shoulders together in front of your body.


Pectoralis Major Treatment 1 - Exercise/ Stretch

Pectoralis Major Treatment 2 - Exercise/ Stretch