Spread-eagle stretch


For daily full body posture correction.

Use a 3 foot long, 6" diameter roller on a mat.
Or use 2 tightly rolled beach towels secured with 2 big rubber bands.
Lie face up on the roller, tailbone on one end, head on the other.
To begin with, have your feet comfortably apart and knees bent for balance.
If comfortable for your back, straighten your knees.
Extend your arms straight out to the side, parallel to the floor.
Bring your shoulder blades together and down towards your tailbone,
Reach out with your whole arm and finger tips.
Let the straight arms hang down towards the floor.
Breathe in deeply, using your ribcage.
Lay your hands on your lower ribcage where it meets your abdomen.
As you breathe in gently assist your ribs upwards towards your head,
This lengthens your abdomen and opens up the space between the ribs and the hips.
Re-extend your arms out to the side,
then try bringing your straight arms towards your ears.
When finished, roll to one side.


Find full instructions and cautions at HERE.


Spread Eagle - Exercise/ Stretch